Qualifications and Credits

Development of modular qualifications

This Guidance intended to help qualification developers to develop professional competence in particular the criteria and requirements for employment. Translation of professional standards in learning modules.


Assessment and certification in the NQF, practical guide "Tool Package"

Guidance to support evaluation and certification of modular professional qualifications.
This document is a practical material aid for assessors seeking practical guidance on how to develop and implement a strategy of evaluation, as well how to create assessment tools that are appropriate for collection, verification and recording of evidence prepared by the candidate.


Internal evaluation of assessment for vocational qualifications, practical guide "tool package"

Guidelines for national qualifications that provides information on how to assess and verify education and training programs, role in providing assessments of student work, meeting the "Professional Standards" of anticipated required by the industrial sector, etc.


Guidance for modifications and necessary adaptations for the development of access to education and training programs and qualifications for students with disabilities or other special needs

This Guidance elaborates the issue of developing programs and qualifications for VET students with disabilities or other special needs, strategies and policies, package of tools for teaching and learning modifications, modifications in assessment, etc.

Documents for download

Developing Modular Qualifications
Assessment and Certification in the NQF, Practical Guide Tool-Kit
Internal Verification of Assessment(s) For Vocational Qualifications Practical Guide Tool-Kit
Guidance on the Modifications and Accommodations Necessary for Developing Access to VET Programmes and Qualifications for Learners with Disability or other Special Need