Workshop: Sustainable implementation of National Framework for Qualifications

Workshop “Sustainable implementation of National Framework for Qualifications”, helded in Turin, Italy, organized by National Qualifications Authority and ETF (European Training Found). 
During this two-day workshop representatives of main actors ILA, AAP and other social partners, discussed the different issues in terms of sustainable implementation of NFQ.

 Working groups raised questions that that can help in creating national qualification system through National Framework for Qualifications, such as:
- Development of professional standards for priority qualifications,  
- Workshop KAAP – NQA for functionality of NFQ
- Participation of KAAP, NAK in reviewing OEK strategy
- Technical support through IPA, 
- Request for support from TAEX in preparing application for IPA
- Exact definition, on basis of labour market needs (TP), for which kind of qualifications higher Education in Kosovo has a need (Levels 5-8),
- NFQ, has influence in reform process of curricula by adapting levels and types of qualifications with specific emphasize on the learning results (LR), with clear comparison between levels.
- Qualifications developed in AL apart from professional composition transferable generic skills has to be included as well (communication skills, work in groups, TI, foreign languages, etc). 
- NFQ, based on criteria’s and procedures for approval and accreditation, has an impact on the improvement of quality, qualification relevance with LM needs, development of new qualifications.
- Quality standards are being set up by Accreditation Agency of Kosovo (AAK), based on Bologna guidelines (ESG). Institutions of AL are responsible for internal quality assurance of Bologna guidelines (prepared also in Albanian language). 
- AAK has to become part of sister network organizations.
- Even though it is  a political decision, Kosovo must undertake necessary steps in order to be close with these developments, and to join Bologna community. 
- IAL in terms of qualification development must have in mind: initial needs, progress and transfer.
- NFQ creates alleviation for linkage and cooperation between IAL based on credit system of AAP and ECTS, prior learning recognition, flexibility,
- NFQ encourages institutions to develop programs and to be included in the V level (AL or AAP) to enable further progress in different levels, encouraging institutions for cooperation in that sense
- Developed qualification must be argumented with prove of LM needs research – this is linked with prior credits (to encourage practical work for internship, employment, continued vocational development  etc., always based on quality assurance).. 
- Technical assistance for positioning/populating NFQ with qualifications according to respective levels based on identified needs for responsible institutions of AAK and NAA.
- Technical assistance for institutional capacity building for development and implementation of qualifications, including QA.