Workshop “Quality Assurance in Vocational Education and Training in Kosovo”

Date: 24 Mach 2011, Venue:  Rings VIP, Prishtinë.

National Qualification Authority together with British Council organized the workshop “quality assurance in vocational education and training in Kosovo” 
Minister of Education, Science and Technology Mr.Ramë Buja opened this meeting and he was engaged for continued support of National Qualification Authority,  due to the fact that one of the priorities of MEST is quality assurance in educational system.
Same wise Ms. Arjeta Emra representative of British Council confirmed British Council’s support toward NQA regarding quality assurance in different fields. 
In February 2011 AKK Administrative Directive was approved and during this workshop criteria and principles for above mentioned direction were elaborated for validation and qualification and accreditation of VET provider.

Conclusions from this workshop are:

The role of NQA, as well the role of NFQ is very important for quality building within educational system of Kosovo;
British Council will support with technical assistance AKK during accreditation processes of English language courses in Kosovo;
AKK will be ready to cooperate with all stakeholders, MEST, MWSW, VET etc, in order to efficiently promote quality assurance within the system for vocational education and training;
AKK through this workshop managed to inform and make aware off all relevant actors in relation with procedures and principles of validation and accreditation for all vocational education and training providers.