Study visit of Steering Committee members and National Authority for Qualification staff

Study visit 
18-24 September 2011
Tallin, Estonia

Delegation of National Authority for Qualification board (NAK), leaded by Ragip Gjoshi, board president and NAK director Teuta Danuza, stayed for week long in Estonia. Visit was organized by “EU KOSVET V” project, by request of Kosovo’s National Authority for Qualification, with the aim of experience exchange with National Authority for Qualification of Estonia.
Official of NAK during this visit, were introduced with the experiences of educational system, particularly about  vocational education and training, with special focus on implementing the recognition of prior learning and organizing the fifth level of education.
They were informed about the role and functioning processes of Estonian National Authority for Qualification in regard of vocational education and training, having in mind that those information’s can be part of the Kosovo’s National Authority for Qualification work.
Delegation from Kosovo visited also the foundation "INNOVE", in charge of managing EU projects in Estonia, National PCenter, Estonian Chamber of Economics, School of Services and Rural Economy “Olustvere” as well Vocational School “Teko”, where they were welcomed by representatives of respective institutions.
One part of Kosovar delegation took part in a international conference “Peer Learning Activity” organized by Estonian Authority for Qualification.