Professional qualifications in Kosovo can improve quality for achieving and complying with European standards

National Qualification Authority (NQA) today had presented a system of qualification approval in frame of National Qualification Framework (NQF) and accreditation of institutions that will asses and award qualifications. Qualifications will be approved in order to be included in the new NQF which enables comparison of respective qualifications with internationals qualification in compliance with European Qualification Framework
NAK also published the results of findings from the filled in the different providers of vocational education and training in Kosovo included in the testing of NAK procedures for validation and accreditation carry out during summer of this year with a support of EU KOSVET V project, financed by EC. Testing included detailed assessment of 15 qualifications from 8 sectors of employment presented by 11 providers of Vocational Education and Training (VET) together with professional schools, training centers and providers of non-formal education.

Test results are showing that professional qualifications are being drafted and focused by the trend of labour market needs and gradually are resulting with the increase of the quality in vocational education and training in compliance with European standards.

The work of NAK and related partners who are engaged in development of European qualification standards in Kosovo will assist in employment of qualified persons and it will increase acknowledgment of their skills and competences both in local markets and in the international labour market.

Ramë Buja, Minister of Education, among others mentioned that: "Ministry of Education, Science and technology is committed for improvement of VET in Kosovo, in order to assure that young people and others are able to gain qualifications which will be equivalent to those awarded in developed European countries. National Qualification Framework implementation it’s essential part of educational policies in Kosovo that will provide a sound platform for development of qualifications that will fulfill the needs of students, employers in forthcoming years. So, in that trend, we will enable to create a working power that is competent, flexible and skilled to compete in local, regional and global labour. After piloting, NAK will star to systemize, approve qualifications in NQF and accreditation of institutions that will asses, award related qualifications, in order to create a foundation for full functionality of the framework that fulfils the needs of Kosovo and their citizens."

Christof Stock, leader of Operations in European Commission Liaison Office, said: "I will like to congratulate NAK for excellent beginning made for development of a qualification system that is in line with last developments in countries of EU. EU had supported reforms of VET system in Kosovo throughout six phases of KOSVET project and this is a achievement that represents important modernization of vocational education and training in Kosovo, from which citizens and business of Kosovo will benefit. In the current economic climate it is very important that Kosovo develops a qualified working power that will help attract investment support and economic development."