Invitation for accreditation

National Authority for qualification invites all institutions/providers in the processes of validation and qualification of institutions who offers, assess and award professional qualifications.

On this phase only institutions/providers who fulfill following conditions can apply:

- Business Administration with following profile: Administrative Assistant
- Machinist: metal works

In this occasion institutions/providers are invited to apply in above mentioned processes, between: 10.02.2012 and 05.03.2012. 
While applying, institutions must submit following documents in the office of National Authority for Qualification:
1. Field validation forms of qualification. 
2. Filled accreditation forms for institutions/providers.
3. Self—assessment report.
4. Application invoice, and
5. Other additional documents that are required according to the respective forms

For any additional information please contact office of National Authority for Qualification each working day form: 10:00-14:00 or clique the following electronic mail: