Vacancy for experts

In conformity with the Law of National Qualifications (Nr.03/L-060) and Administrative Instruction for validation and approval of national qualifications and accreditation of institutions who provide qualifications in Kosovo ( Nr. 1/2011):


After agreeing experts on basis of special services agreement, in order to join the expert panel who undertake actions for validation and accreditation of institutions who offer, assess and award qualification with respect of professional sectors:

- Construction with following profiles: 
1. Plumber
2. Central heating technician 
3. Electrician

The candidates must fulfill following conditions:
-Achieve relative qualifications, qualified and professional experience of minimum 10 years in the respective field,
-A minimum of 5 years working experience in education, management or similar,
- Training for assessment, curriculum development, program development,
-Sufficient knowledge for development of vocational education and trade market,
-IT skills,
- Desirable knowledge of English language.

Tasks and responsibilities:

-Selected experts will sign confidential contract with NQA,
- They will review applications and documentation of providers VET for validation of qualification and accreditation of institutions,
-Fields visits, 
-Cooperate with other members of panel, discuss and harmonize they opinions,
- Contribute on the report preparation with findings and recommendations in relation with validation of qualification and accreditation of institutions,
- Report to Director of NQA.

Encourage all the interested parts who fulfill conditions, that they can submit they CV and references in the following address:

National Qualification Authority,
Rr. Agim Ramadani p. n. Qendra e Studentëve, Prishtinë.


Tel: 038-200-20157
Application date: from 05.06.2012 to 25.06.2012.