Minister Buja Hands Out First Certificates for VET institutions


Minister of Education, Science and Technology, Mr. Ramë Buja, participated today in a ceremony of handing out certificates for first providers of Vocational Education and Training, which were accredited by the National Qualification Authority.

Minister Buja stated that satisfactory results have been achieved in the process of accrediting institutions, which provide qualifications in this field, and this initiative will be followed with other engagements of the Ministry of Education towards the advancement of the overall system of education. Minister Buja promised continuous institutional support to this process in the future as well.

Whereas, the Head of the Steering Council of the National Qualification Authority, Ragip Gjoshi, highlighted the work that has been done by the National Qualification Authority and expressed his conviction that through accreditation credibility increases regarding qualifications opening the path for these qualifications to become equivalent to qualifications in European countries. The Head of the SC of NQA, Gjoshi, informed that the process of validation and accreditation of institutions started with the testing done on legal provisions which regulate this field, continued with eleven institutions which were included in this process, and later, in February 2012, all institutions providing respective qualifications were invited to be part of the process.

On the other hand, the Director of the National Qualification Authority, Teuta Danuza, pointed out that the National Qualification Authority, which was established by the Ministry of Education in November 2009, has managed to fulfill all the objectives set by the Law on National Qualifications in the shortest possible time. Danuza stated that NQA, within the time frame of less than two years, has developed the National Qualification Framework, and now started to implement this Framework.