Republic of Kosovo accepted as a member of the Advisory Group of the European Qualifications Framework (EQF)

A remarkable success of NQA is membership in the European Qualifications Framework. The membership is a result of a long process developed by the NQA, initially by drafting the report of Reference of NQF to the EQF, with the main aim of interconnection and comparability of the system between NQF and EQD according to 10 criteria of referencing.

In drafting the report were organized six workshops with all stakeholders of NQF, also 7 other workshops with members of Core Group during 2013 and 2014. Also, NQA in drafting-report continually consulted with international experts about the recommendations, which are incorporated in this report and that had an impact on the quality of the report.

Later, the NQA initiated the bilateral contacts through several meetings in Brusselss with EC for membership and introduction of this report as well as the request for membership and introduction to the member states of EU was forwarded also through the Minister for Education, Science and Technology, respectively to the EQF Advisory Group for assessment. In May of 2015, the NQA was invited in the capacity of the observer in the 31 meeting of the Advisory Group of EQF. Whereas, in October of this year, the official invitation was accepted sent from the EC for membership in the EQF Advisory Group and the NQA participated in the 33 meeting of the EQF Advisory Group, which was held in Berlin of Germany.

The membership will enable NQA to present the report and the official relation of the NQF and EQF by enabling the comparability of the qualifications provided and issued in Kosovo with those of European countries as well as the mobility of the workforce within the European Union.