Minister Buja: We are doing out utmost to advance the VET system


Minister of Education, Science and Technology, Ramë Buja took part in the opening ceremony of a two-day seminar “Review and implementation of European System of Vocational Education and Training Credits in the VET system of Kosovo”.

The seminar was organized by the National Qualification Authority with the support of “DVV International” in order to develop implementation mechanisms based on the recommendations of the European System of Credits for Vocational Education and Training.

For the first time in Kosovo, the seminar has been facilitated by the experts of the European Network team for the system of credits in VET “ESCVET” and will ensure information and trainings related to the procedures and processes for the implementation of ESCVET criteria based on the recommendations deriving from the EC for the implementation of ESCVET system and different European practices.

Minister Ramë Buja, on this occasion, stated that he was honored to be in this seminar due to the success achieved in this field, and stressed that they are making great efforts to reach the common goal for the advancement of vocational education and training system.

Minister Buja mentioned the fact that the law on vocational education and training and the law on adult education have already been approved, while MEST is about to finalize the initiative for the establishment of the Agency for Vocational Education and Training.

“In this way we shall enter into a serious stage with developed countries in this sector of vocational education and training. We are acquiring the experience from the best, and naturally, this will be to our benefit. We have acquired the experience of our ally country, Germany, and we also have suggestions and preferences of the European Commission which we value highly”, stated Minister Buja.

Minister of Education underlined that this seminar about VET credits is very much needed in order to equip Kosovo with new experiences in this field. “I am honored to be among professionals who know what they are doing and what they want in order to achieve the best for the benefit of vocational education and training, therefore, with my best intentions I wish you full success in this direction”, concluded Minister Buja.


From his side, Ragip Gjoshi, the head of the General Council of the National Qualification Authority, gave a brief account of the work the National Qualification Authority has done so far, as well as, about the National Qualification Framework. “With an aim of increasing the quality of education and in order to direct vocational qualifications towards labor market needs, the system of qualifications within this Framework has been approved”, he said thanking all development partners that have provided support in this regard. 

Teuta Danuza, Director of the National Qualification Authority stressed that the European Network for Credit System in VET “ESCVET” consists of state representatives of EU member states, European social partners and VET providers, and its aim is to support all stakeholders in the implementation of the recommendations deriving from European Commission (EC) Credit system for VET. Thus, the network is a mechanism created by EC to support VET stakeholders in EU member states in fulfilling the recommendations established by the European Parliament and the Council in implementing the “ESCVET” system. Mrs. Danuza added that this level of seminar is organized only in European Union member states, however, in the case of Kosovo, an exception was made with an aim of keeping up pace with other countries as far as the implementation of European Credit System. Representatives of ESCVET Didier Gelibert and Kosta Artur expressed their satisfaction for being in our country and for having a possibility to give their contribution to the benefit of education in Kosovo.