Vacancy Announcement for Experts

National Qualification Authority announces that vacancies have been opened for applications of experts through an agreement for special services to join the panels of experts who are conducting activities regarding the validation of vocational standards approved by the Council for Vocational Education and Training for the following profiles:

From the sector of economy

1. Clerk for bank services;

2. Clerk for export and import;

3. Financial clerk;

4. Clerk for human resources;

5. Industrial clerk;

6. Marketing assistant;

7. Clerk for office administration and management

From the sector of tourism

1. Management and planning of events;

2. Clerk in touristic management;

3. Travel planning and tourist information services;

From the sector of trade

1. Retail seller;

2. Wholesale seller;

3. Sale and client service

From the sector of machinery

1. Car mechanic

Candidates should meet these conditions:

- to have adequate qualification of higher education;

- to be qualified and have professional experience of at least 10 years in a respective field,

- to have at least 5 years of experience in education, management or related fields,

- to have attended trainings on evaluation, curriculum development and development of programs,

- to be skilled in information technology,

Tasks and responsibilities:

- Selected experts shall conclude a confidential contract with NQA,

- Review vocational standards and compare them with the Guide for the development and verification of vocational standards and other NQA documents,

- Conduct field visits,

- Cooperate with other members of the panel, discuss and harmonize their positions,

- Contribute in preparing a report which identifies the findings and recommendations related to the validation of qualifications and accreditation of institutions,

- Report to the Director of NQA.