Press Release

British Council and the National Qualifications Authority on Friday August 2, at 12:30 in the NQA office's will hold a press conference to discuss the process of accreditation of English language private courses.


In this press conference will discuss:

- The role and importance of the National Qualifications Authority in this process

- The importance of having standards and quality of learning

- Accreditation process is in accordance with European standards and National Qualifications Framework

- How this process helps in developing the skills and employment opportunities, not only for Kosovo but also for labor mobility in the European future

- The role of the UK as one of the key countries and leading through the British Council provides high quality English language testing and assessment

Press Conference will hold: Ragip Gjoshi, Chairman of the NQA Board , Ms.Teuta Danuza, Director of the National Qualifications Authority, Mr. Ian Cliff, Ambassador of the United Kingdom and z. Arjeta Emra, Director of the British Council in Kosovo .