On admission of experts with temporary contracts (labor contract) to join expert panels undertaking activities for validation of qualifications and accreditation of the institutions which provide, assess and issue qualifications in relation to the professional sectors:

The public security sector:

1. New police officer;

2. Correctional Officer;

3. The customs officer;

4. Firefighters.

National Qualification Authority also announces that vacancies have been opened for applications of experts through an agreement for special services to join the panels of experts who are conducting activities regarding the accreditation of institutions which provide, evaluate and issue courses of:

1. English language

2. German Language


Candidates should meet these conditions:

- to have adequate qualification of higher education;

- to be qualified and have professional experience of at least 10 years in a respective field,

- to have at least 5 years of experience in education, management or related fields,

- to have attended trainings on evaluation, curriculum development and development of programs,

- to be skilled in information technology,

Tasks and responsibilities:

- Selected experts shall conclude a confidential contract with NQA,

- Review applications of and all documentation of VET providers for accreditation of institutions,

- Conduct field visits,

- Cooperate with other members of the panel, discuss and harmonize their positions,

- Contribute in preparing a report which identifies the findings and recommendations related to the validation of qualifications and accreditation of institutions,

- Report to the Director of NQA.


All the interested persons who meet the requirements are encouraged to submit their CVs and references at the following address:


National Qualification Authority,

Agim Ramadani p. n, Qendra e Studentëve, Prishtinë

Or Email:

Tel: 038-212-595

Timeframe for application: from 28.10.2014 until 10.11.2014.

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