National Qualifications Authority invites all institutions/ providers to apply in the process of qualifications validation and accreditation of institutions that provide, assess and issue professional qualifications.

At this stage, only institutions/providers offering, assessing and issuing qualifications for the following occupational standards can apply:

Veterinary Sector:

1. Veterinary Technician

Livestock Sector:

1. Livestock Technician

Health Sector:

1. Audiometrist

2. Ortho-prosthetics Technician

3. Social-health Care Assistant

4. Orthopedic Assistant

5. Optics Technician

6. Dental Technician

Institutions / providers are invited to apply in this process within the following time period: from 07/02/2014 to 28/02/2014.

The institutions should submit the following documents to the Office of the National Qualification Authority:

1. Completed forms for validation of qualification.

2. Completed forms for accreditation of the institution / provider.

3. Self-Assessment Report.

4. Application payment slip, and

5. Additional documents required to be attached to the forms.

For further information please contact the offices of the National Qualifications Authority every day from 10: 00 - 14: 00 or in the following email address: