Minister Hoxhaj, Rashiq and Beqaj: Qualification Framework, important document for Kosovo

Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MEST), Kosovo Qualifications Authority jointly with European Commission Liaison Office today have promoted national Framework for Qualifications, a process which was supported by EU KOSVET V project.
National Framework for Qualifications will ensure that qualification for each profession will be determinated in compliance with skill, knowledge and competences, that are required for professional qualification and in line with European qualifications.
Minister of Education, Enver Hoxhaj, said that national Framework for Qualification is a very big step for Kosovo, because knowledge, skills that students and citizens gain, can be accepted and are of equal to those of other countries of European Union.
"Our main goal is to have a educational system, which upon everything serves for economical and labour market increase, a divers and plural educational system with all its program’s and levels of education that provides, and among everything Educational System and Vocational Education and Training, as a essential part for economical development, secondary high education, for each young man, every citizen so that thy could gain knowledge, skills awarded in a form of specific certificates, accepted within our educational system."
Minister Hoxhaj, emphasized that Kosovo Government starting from today, throughout National Authority for Qualification, will establish a system, that includes Education and Vocational Education allowing young people to obtain levels and diplomas.
A representative of European Commission Liaison Office, Kjartan Bjorson, said that no country can survive without qualified people and throughout these qualifications citizens would become more active.
"It is crucial that education system accommodates all of these established requirements. Therefore, the system must be so flexible that it enables a mobility whether inside Kosovo or in other European countries. This system enables assessment of skill levels. It’s a big step and in line with developments and actions of European Union."
Meanwhile, Minister of Labour and Social Welfare, Nenad Rashiq, said that in Kosovo are about 335 thousand job seekers, of which 208 thousand have only primary school. He also said that only 8 centers for vocational education and training exists, so it means that only 2 per cent of unemployed can be trained. "Therefore, this is a necessary step to improve this situation. I strongly support this act and I’m sure that in the future this will be the only way to construct the future of Kosovo".
Besim Beqaj, Minister for European Integrations said that apart form Kosovo integration processes, we must prepare also for economical development. "What constitutes competitive economy is a trained individual with European standards, hence according through Qualification Framework".
Teuta Danuza, director of National Qualifications Authority spooked about the role of this Authority. "Authority together with Qualification Framework constitutes the system of national qualifications".
National Authority for Qualifications in Kosovo, will deal also with accreditation of institutions, who are going to develop qualifications. During 2009, with the support of European Commission, National Qualifications Authority was established and functionalized, national Framework for Qualifications was drafted, with 8 levels, that are referred to European Framework for Qualifications.