First meeting of Steering Committee of National Authority for Qualifications in Kosovo

Steering Committee of National Qualifications Authority in Kosovo (NQA) held a first constitutive meeting, during which the importance of National Framework for Qualification was discussed, respective effect on educational system in Kosovo and integration processes in European labour market, the role of NAK in this processes. The president of the board selected Dr. Avdulla Alija, as a director of Education Department for High Education within MEST.
Minister of Education , Enver Hoxhaj, informed that process of nominating members of steering committee of NAK passed through a decision made by Kosovo Government.
A such thing is foreseen by Law of National Framework for Qualification (NQF). One of the tasks of this board as well of the NQA is monitoring and supporting the processes of regulating accreditation of informal learning in Kosovo.
Kosovo now has a educational system where every man has a opportunity to gain a diploma from this respective qualification processes for labour market and if they wish they can return again to the learning processes. This Framework for Qualification increases the mobility of the youth inside the region and Europe wide enabling transfer of credits and different qualifications as well acknowledgment of previous learning and at the same time providing quality assurance.
Later on, Minister Hoxhaj said that through out NQA, new possibilities will emerge for accreditation for every kind of providers, programs and vocational education and training awarding diplomas and certificates.
The respective diplomas or vocational certificates will be accepted everywhere in Europe due to the fact that our National Framework for Qualification is equal with European Framework emphasized Minister Hoxhaj and added that until now what have been achieved by Agency for accreditation of the programs  that are offering University degrees, NAK will start with accreditation of programs that are not of University degree but are equally important for Kosovo said Minister Hoxhaj.
Meanwhile Mr. Melvin Asin (European Commission) mentioned that establishment of National Framework for Qualification means that Kosovo is heading toward European path of integration. To finalize and to fully implement NFQ would empower competitive working class in Kosovo.
European Commission Liaison Office in Kosovo is ready to contribute in full alleviation of this process providing that the respective framework is fully in line with European Framework for Qualification.
Project KOSVET-V. is only one of the initiatives of EC in the processes of reforming the educational system which has a significant impact on this sector.
Relying upon European experience, work of the project, all common actors involved in VET will continue with their work of quality assurance and standards. The role of NQA commission and the role of commission for VET is very important during this process said Mr. Asin. Further he mentioned that MEST has worked with full devotion in this very defiant project. This is a new process in Kosovo and establishment of National Authority respectively of NQA commission is only one of first steps , among others mentioned Mr. Melvin Asin.
Steering Committee is composed by 13 members approved by Kosovo Government representing Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare, Ministry of Trade and Industry, Ministry of Economy and Finance, Ministry of Health, two representatives of University, representatives from NGO, Vocational Education and Training, private sector and two representatives from MEST.
Teuta Danuza, director of NQA spoke about chronology of process development of NFQ in Kosovo.