Workshop: “Challenges for adults education in Kosovo’’

Workshop: “Challenges for adults education in Kosovo’’
Date: 11. 02. 2011
Venue: Villa Gërmia, Prishtinë

National Qualifications Authority together with DVV International organized the workshop ‘’challenges for adults education in Kosovo’.
The objectives of this workshop were to present existing state and challenges for adults education in Kosovo, diversity of relevant actors involved in adults education in Kosovo as well the role of National Framework and of NQA in improving adults education in Kosovo.

As a conclusion of this workshop were the following recommendations: 
-The challenges of public providers for adult education are linked with developing needs in labour market and society, lack of legal infrastructure (or non-existing), lack of financial means (budget), lack of policies in national level for adults education; lack of coordination between public providers of adult education;
-  Promotion and coordination between adults education providers, ministries and donors through KAAP and NQA;
- Activities or concrete steps foreseen by the MEST, MLSW and NQA for improvement and inclusion of adults in education system of Kosovo must be review and unification of legal infrastructure and strategy’s, development of partnership between institutions and training proposals on basis of labour market actual needs (L/R);
- Recognition of previous knowledge and qualifications as well their integration within AAP system in Kosovo must be made through creation/development guidelines for Previous Learning Recognition, set up of assessment commissions including other relevant actors. Development of assessment instruments/mechanisms, of NQA, development of professional standards and job prescription, development and accreditation of institutions (program’s) for assessment- accreditation, development of procedures for professional standards and qualifications, quality procedures based on international standards.