National Qualifications Authority invites all institutions / providers to apply for the process for validation of qualifications and accreditation of institutions that offer, assess and issue professional qualifications.

At this stage can apply only institutions / providers that offer, assess and issue qualifications for these occupational standards:

The economic sector

1. Manager of micro and small enterprises (Founder of Business)

For this process institutions / providers ate invited to apply within this timeframe: 25/07/2014 to 08/14/2014.

With the application, institutions must submit to the National Qualifications Authority following documents:

1. Validation qualification form completed.

2. Accreditation of the institution / providers form completed.

3. Self-Assessment Report.

4. Payment fee for application, and

5. Additional documents required to be attached to the forms.

For any more detailed information contact the offices of the National Qualifications Authority of hours each day: 10:00 to 14:00 or click on the webpage: