In accordance with the Law on National Qualifications (03 / L-060) and Administrative Instruction for the validation and approval of national qualifications and accreditation of institutions offering qualifications in Kosovo (no. 29/2014):
National Qualifications Authority invites all institutions / providers to apply the process for validation of qualifications and accreditation of the institutions which provide, assess and issue vocational qualifications.
In this stage can apply institutions / providers that offer, evaluate and issue the following qualifications:

The public security sector:

1. New police officer;2. Correctional Officer;3. The customs officer;4. Firefighters.

National Qualification Authority also invites all institutions/providers to apply in the process of accreditation of institutions which provide:    

- English language courses    
- German language courses

On this occasion we invite institutions/providers to apply in this process within the following time frame:28.11.2014 until 07.11.2014. When applying, the institutions should submit in the office of the National Qualification Authority the following document:1.   Completed form for the accreditation of the institution/provider;2.   Self – evaluation report;3.   Payment receipt for application; and 4.   Other additional documents required attached based on the forms.

For any additional information, please contact the offices of the National Qualification Authority, every day from: 10:00-14:00 hours or click on the following e-mail address: